• gisele

    Highest Paid Models in the World

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    Have you ever hated someone because they were rich? Have you ever hated someone because they were beautiful? Have you ever had the extreme pleasure of hating someone because they were rich and beautiful? For the world’s top models it’s business as usual to make millions for being really, ridiculously good looking.  The following models […]

  • Pink-Star-diamond-AFP

    The Most Expensive Diamond in the World

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    In November 2013, the most expensive diamond in the world sold at auction and the story flew under the radar. The diamond, billed as the most expensive diamond to ever go to auction, is the 59.6-carat Pink Star. It’s sold for a staggering $83 million at Sotherby’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels sale. It is not only […]

  • hw_rings_antique

    Ashlee Simpson’s Engagement Ring

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    Singer Ashlee Simpson, singer of Jessica Simpson, announced her engagement to actor and musician Evan Ross via Twitter. Simpson and Ross have been friends for over a decade and then became more than friends after Simpson split from husband Pete Wentz of the band Fall Out Boy. Now onto the important stuff: the ring.

  • expensive_jewelry

    The Most Expensive Jewelry in the World

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    Harry Winston, Van Cleef & Arpels, Bvlgari, Cartier and Lorraine Schwartz are some of the  most exclusive jewelry brands in the world. Their exquisite pieces of jewelry have graced the hands, necks, fingers, and ears of the richest people in the world. When celebrities want to drape themselves in diamonds, rubies, sapphires and more they […]

  • Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 1.04.35 PM

    The Most Expensive Celebrity Homes on the Market

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    The real estate market crash didn’t just effect normal people, it also effected celebrities. It’s tough to feel bad for someone who had to scale down their asking price from $22.5 million to a paltry $19.9 million (ahem, Billy Joel) but it is a huge loss. The following celebrities are doing everything they can from […]

  • cheese

    The Most Expensive Cheese in the World

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    Is there anything in the world like a great piece of cheese? Stinky, funky, ooey-gooey cheese is the best invention that humankind has ever come up with—and that’s a scientific fact.  Sure you can buy a cheap hunk of cheddar or a bottom of the barrel brie and your cheese needs will be satisfied but […]

  • Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 12.30.49 PM

    The Most Expensive Music Videos Ever Made

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    1998: a wonderful time in history when men frosted their hair, girls from American suburbs wore bindis, and MTV and VH1 actually played music. Back then big label musicians spent ground-breaking amounts of money to create show stopping music videos. Teenagers would gather around waiting for the world premier of their favorite artist’s latest video. […]

  • Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 1.23.44 PM

    Celine Dion’s Backyard Water Park

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    Celine Dion the “greatest singer in deeeeeeee wuuuuuhrld” has something else pretty great—her own private at-home water park. The diva claims she can’t take her children to a normal water park without dealing with the paparazzi so she did what any normal person would do…she built her own private water park in her backyard.

  • Pacifier

    Celebrities Who Grew Up Rich: Part 2

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    Last week we learned about celebrities like Lana Dey Rey and Lady Gaga who grew up wealthy and nowadays have even more money and success. We love reading about celebrities who hit the genetic lotto so we decided to do a “Celebrities Who Grew Up Rich: Part 2.” Once again, we’re not saying that all […]

  • silver-spoon

    Celebrities Who Grew Up Rich: Part 1

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    While many celebrities have rags-to-riches, Cinderlla type stories that are perfect for late-night talk show fodder, other celebrities were just born rich. Some celebrities were born with silver spoons in their mouths and used their rich families to propel their own careers. We’re not saying that all well-bred celebrities were handed their careers, but having […]

  • plastic-surgery

    Most Expensive Plastic Surgery Procedures

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    In Hollywood staying young looking is tantamount to staying in the public eye. As celebrities age they try to do everything in their power to look as young as possible. Eventually, in their quest for eternal youth they end up looking like sideshow acts (we’re looking at you Jocelyn Wildenstein). If you’re looking to plump […]

  • Skateboard

    The Richest Skateboarders in the World

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    Once known as a hobby for longhaired shaggy surfer dudes skateboarding has now become a multi million-dollar industry. Celebrities like Pharrell, Heath Ledger,  Liam Hemsworth and Mark Salling are famous men who love to skate. Skateboarding has also made a select group of skater boys very, very rich. These are the richest skateboarders in the […]

  • carocover

    The Most Expensive Lingerie in the World

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    When we see celebrities step onto the red carpet at events we can’t help but envy their incredible couture gowns. Most of us don’t realize that what celebrities have under their gowns can be just as incredible as the gown itself. When celebrities want to spice things up under their clothes or in between the […]

  • golf

    The Most Expensive Golf Courses in the World

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    While most celebrities love to relax on chartered yachts, private islands, and on massage tables inside luxurious spas a few celebrities unwind by hitting the green. No, not that kind of green. The golf course kind of green. Some find the sport completely frustrating while others find the sport totally relaxing. When celebrities want to […]

  • pefume

    The World’s Most Expensive Perfumes

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    When Marilyn Monroe famously quipped, “What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course” she created such demand for the perfume that some stores had to create waiting lists to alert clients when new shipments came in. Perfume has always been considered a status symbol, dating all the way back to Egyptian […]

  • KateMiddletonPUGH_2387674b

    Kate Middleton’s Most Expensive Dresses

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    Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has some rather stylish shoes to fill as the newest princess of England. Her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, was known for her fashionable taste in clothing and effortlessly chic style. Luckily for the Duchess, designers beg her to wear their clothing in the hope that it will photographed—everyone wants […]