Favorite Celebrity Cheat Meals

Sloane | March 27, 2014

Celebrities love to pretend they don’t watch what they eat and they hardly ever work out. Okay, whatever. We all know that’s a statement as real as John Travolta’s hairline. There’s nothing more irritating than admiring the body of your favorite celebrity and then reading an interview where they say, “oh, me? I hardly ever diet. I can eat whatever I want and never gain weight.” Give me a break. You know that celebrity is in the gym three hours a day eight days a week eating nothing but Blue Print celery juice and steamed organic spinach.

Then there are the celebrities who embrace the suck of working out and eating right. Stars like Cameron Diaz, Anne Hathaway, and Jennifer Lawrence admit that yeah, they work out, hard, and yeah, they can’t eat whatever they want to eat. And yeah, occasionally they binge eat nachos covered in mac n’cheese while binge watching Scandal. And we like those celebs. They’re honest, they’re normal, and they’re human. And best of all, they too love a good fried snack.

Want to know what some of your favorite stars ultimate snack foods are? Of course you do. Here’s a list and then tell us, what’s your guilty pleasure?


Scarlett Johansson: buffalo chicken wings

The curvaceous star had to stick to a strict diet of salmon and kale to slide into her skin-tight Black Widow costume for the new Avengers film but now she’s able to indulge in her ultimate food obsession: buffalo chicken wings.


Selena Gomez: pickles

Teen idol and pop star Selena Gomez has a passion for pickles. The star admits that she pours pickle juice on everything, especially popcorn. Her real obsession is with fried pickles; she often stops at Hooters to indulge in the deep fried pickled veggies. Another one of her favorite treats? Reeses and pickles together. The star swears, “They work for more reason than one.”


Miranda Kerr: fried chicken

Miranda Kerr is a gorgeous Australian super model and lover of the finer things in life. Things like fried chicken. This Aussie model mommy is so in love with the fried poultry that she reportedly hired a celebrity chef to teach her how to make the perfect friend chicken.


Janet Jackson: caramel apples

Talented singer and actress Janet Jackson was the former spokesperson for Nutrisystem, the weight-loss program that helped her get back into shape. Although the star eats very healthy she admits that the one thing she can’t live without are caramel apples.


Ashley Greene: Cheez-It

Twilight star Ashley Greene can’t resist eating Cheez-Its. They’re her go-to guilty food and I don’t blame her. They’re my favorite snack food of all time. Cheesy, salty, orange, mmm what’s not to love.

See? Even the fittest and trimmest celebrities have a hard time resisting the treats that we normal humans consume and love on a constant basis. Now if only we had access to celebrity chefs, nutritionists, and dieticiians. Maybe we would eat less Cheez-Its and more macrobiotic dandelion greens. Meh, whatever, Cheez-Its taste way better.




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