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    Celebrity Stylists

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    Hollywood starlets know that the right agent gets you the right roles. The right publicist promotes those roles. The right lawyer keeps you out of trouble. And the right stylist can turn you into an international sensation overnight. Stylists are becoming some of Hollywood’s most formidable power players. They have the ability to snag a […]

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    Kim Kardashian’s Marriage Might Be Over

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    Today, the internet is a-buzz with a story everyone saw coming from a mile away. Wait, no, less than a mile away. How about from six inches away? Kim Kardashian is rumored to want out from her marriage of less than two months to rap superstar Kanye West. The reason? He’s apparently turned her into […]

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    You’re a Grown Up Now!: A Guide to Becoming an Adult by Wearing Forever 21, Crying at Work, Sleeping Past Noon, and Hooking Up with Inappropriate People

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    Almost daily I receive one of those “How To Change Your Life By Age 30″ and every day, like a sucker, I click them and try to see how I stack up. Midway through the list I realize that I am a useless girl-child who never learned how to balance a checkbook or gauge her […]

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    The Richest American Idol Winners

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    The new season of American Idol is freshening up its lineup with a new judges panel including Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr., and Keith Urban. The three stars are making a combined total of $27.5 million for their cushy hosting gig. Neither male judge is earning anywhere near Jennifer Lopez’s reported $17.5 million salary but […]

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    The Most Expensive Makeup Collection

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    When I open my makeup drawers (yes, drawers plural), I often think to myself, “you have a serious spending problem. No human being needs 60 pink lip glosses and 13 half-empty tubes of mascara.”  When I think about the money I spend each month on makeup, hair products, skin products, and nail polish I shudder.  […]

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    The Most Expensive Beauty Products in the World

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    Celebrity men and women are prized for their eternally youthful good looks, smooth skin, and pore less complexions. While some celebrities are graced with perfect genes other celebrities have to pay for their flawless faces. Being beautiful doesn’t come cheap. The following beauty products are the most expensive in the world:

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    Most Influential Celebrities

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    An actor is just an actor until they’re on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And a celebrity is just an actor with a lot of paparazzi exposure until they’re featured on the Forbes Celebrity 100 List. In the past, the Forbes list has rewarded celebrities with a coveted spot on the list depending on how […]

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    What is Scientology and Who Believes in It?

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    I’ll admit I don’t know much about scientology. Actually, my entire knowledge of scientology comes from the amazing episode of South Park where they explain Scientology as such:

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    Strange Celebrity Diets

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    Being rich and famous is tough. But being rich and famous and thin is even tougher. When plastic surgery isn’t an option (hello embarrassing paparazzi photos taken after leaving the post-op office!) stars often turn to very off methods to shed pounds. While some celebrities stick to the tried and true long term method of […]

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    Celebrities With Unusual Phobias

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    In 2008 Blink182 drummer Travis Barker was involved in a horrific plane crash in South Carolina that claimed the lives of four people and two of his best friends. Since the crash Barker refuses to fly anywhere, which has obviously been detrimental to the success of his band. He relies solely on ocean liners to take […]

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    Crocodile Dundee’s Money Problems

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    A few days ago I was listening to a great podcast called “How Did This Get Made?” starring Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas. They watch crappy movies and then talk about them at length. They’ve done some of my favorite films including, Spice World, The Room, and Crossroads. If you like terrible […]

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    Favorite Celebrity Cheat Meals

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    Celebrities love to pretend they don’t watch what they eat and they hardly ever work out. Okay, whatever. We all know that’s a statement as real as John Travolta’s hairline. There’s nothing more irritating than admiring the body of your favorite celebrity and then reading an interview where they say, “oh, me? I hardly ever […]

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    The Weirdest Celebrity Facts

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    As you can probably tell by now I’m obsessed with random celebrity facts. I like to know their ages, their birthplaces, the names of their children and the make and model of their cars. There’s something fun and voyeuristic about knowing everything about a person that knows nothing about you.  Maybe it’s bad to fill […]

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    Celebrity Odd Jobs

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    Celebrities…they’re just like us! Except for the millions of dollars, hot babes, cool cars, and 100-foot yachts. Save for a few extra lucky silver spoon in their mouths celebrities, most of the Hollywood Glitterati has had to work for what they have. And I’m not talking about embarrassing gigs like a national penile dysfunction ad. […]

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    The Most Expensive Oscar Swag Bags: Part 2

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    Each year companies pay thousands of dollars to have their products featured in celebrity grab bags. These bags aren’t your typical personalized pencil and Hershey’s kisses filled bags of fun. No, these bags are super swank and filled to the brim with over $30,000 of awesome products. Here’s a list of the most expensive (and […]

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    The Most Expensive Oscar Swag Bags: Part 1

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    Poor Oscar nominated actors. They get all gussied up and stand around like goons answering inane questions only to then lose their Oscar to an up-and-coming star in front of millions of viewers. Their lives are so hard, so sad, so tragic. Four out of five nominees will go home without gold statues, which is […]