The Most Expensive Makeup Collection

Sloane | June 4, 2014

When I open my makeup drawers (yes, drawers plural), I often think to myself, “you have a serious spending problem. No human being needs 60 pink lip glosses and 13 half-empty tubes of mascara.”  When I think about the money I spend each month on makeup, hair products, skin products, and nail polish I shudder.  But when I open my drawers and look out onto the wealth of products I’ve amassed I feel a sense of….pride. My friend has a collection of insane proportions but she is a webcam girl and if you ever wondered how much webcam models make, check that out here.

Is that nutty? Yes. Am I the only makeup hoarder in the world? Certainly not. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the world’s most accomplished makeup hoarder: Hilary Kosofsky. Kosofsky is a  54-year-old nurse from New Jersey who has spent over $30,000 on beauty products. She claims that she doesn’t spend money on skin care; instead she spends money on products with colors and packaging that excite her. She also says she can’t resist anything with glitter or if it’s “limited edition”…she has to buy it. And she’ll often buy duplicates—one that she uses and one that she keeps. She insists she’s not a hoarder because everything is organized but her addiction to makeup has led to some financial problems.



Pictured: Hilary Kosofsky, a lady who loves her beauty products.

At one point Kosofsky was $14,000 in debt due to her ever growing makeup collection, which she houses in a large bathroom and linen closet. She finally told her husband about her outrageous spending and he paid off her bill. Even though she put her family in massive debt she’s still buying makeup. So how exactly does one amass a $30,000 makeup collection? Here’s the breakdown item by item:


  • Hairsprays (X9) $134.00
  • Deodorants (X4) $20.00
  • Shampoos (X29) $473.00
  • Conditioners (X24) $363.00
  • Styling Products (X140) $2,797.00
  • Brushes/Combs (X25) $242.00
  • Sunscreens (X4) $36.00
  • After sun products (X2) $12.00
  • Nail Polish Removers (X4) $10.00
  • Self-Tanners (X3) $90.00
  • Soaps (X19) $75.00
  • Eye MakeUp Remover (X1) $16.00
  • Blushes (X72) $1,758.00
  • Lipsticks (X31) $837.00
  • Single Eyeshadows (X94) $1,863.00
  • Eyeshadow Palettes (X137) $6,125.00
  • MakeUp Bags (X42) $840.00
  • Mascaras (X36) $952.00
  • Face Washes (X6) $150.00
  • Eye Creams (X22) $880.00
  • MakeUp Brush Sets (X7) $280.00
  • Face Lotions (X36) $2,160.00
  • MakeUp Removers (X7) $112.00
  • Bronzers (X29) $725.00
  • Makeup Palettes (X30) $1,650.00
  • Face Powders (X56) $1,960.00
  • Face Mists (X2) $34.00
  • Lip Glosses (X81) $1,458.00
  • Eyeliners (X68) $1,360.00
  • Concealers (X32) $800.00
  • Lip Balms (X5) $16.00
  • Lip Liners (X4) $68.00
  • Hair Straighteners (X2) $140.00
  • Hair Dryers (X2) $260.00
  • Curling Iron (X1) $17.00
  • AntiWrinkle Creams (X9) $167.00
  • Perfumes (X12) $600.00
  • Nail Polishes (X86) $688.00

Total Cost : $30,168.00

So the next time your husband or boyfriends comments on your shopping addiction or yells at you for putting another beauty product in the shower just show him this article and tell him that he’s lucky he’s not married to Hilary Kosofsky. On a side note, I wish she was my mom.




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