The Most Expensive Oscar Swag Bags: Part 2

Sloane | March 11, 2014

Each year companies pay thousands of dollars to have their products featured in celebrity grab bags. These bags aren’t your typical personalized pencil and Hershey’s kisses filled bags of fun. No, these bags are super swank and filled to the brim with over $30,000 of awesome products. Here’s a list of the most expensive (and oftentimes ridiculous) items in the Oscar swag bags:

Heathrow by Invitation: $1,800



Pictured: Heathrow by Invitation

London’s Heathrow airport offers a VIP service that was once reserved for heads of states and dignitaries but is now open to Oscar nominees as well. Stars will be offered the super deluxe Heathrow by Invitation treatment which includes a luxury limousine from the door of their home to the door of the plane. If the star wishes, they can also spend time in a super deluxe Heathrow lounge before flying. If you can’t fly private then this is the next best option.

Hair Transplant system: $16,000



Pictured: Atras hair transplant machine

Celebrities have enough problems to worry about without the additional stress of losing their hair. Are you a follicular challenged celebrity/ Oscar nominee? Well good news because the 2014 Oscar swag bag came with a certificate for a $16,000 robotic hair transplant system courtesy of Artas.

The O-Shot: $2,700



Pictured: what we imagine the O-Shot to look like

The O-Shot is a new technology from the same doctor who brought us the Vampire face lift. This time, he’s using your platelets and shooting them into your arm and well, somewhere we can’t mention on this PG-rated website. The procedure is supposed to enhance sexual response, increase libido and decrease incontinence. No clue if it works or if any of our favorite stars have tried the procedure.

Multiple vacations: $27,500



Pictured: Rocky Mountaineering train

This year, nominees and winners have their choice of multiple vacation destinations. There are four trips in total being offered through the swag bag. The first is a 5-night stay in a two-bedroom villa in Kauai. The second is a two-day train ride on a Rocky Mountaineer train through Western Canada. The third trip is a stay in a 2,500 square-foot villa in Mexico and the fourth trip is a $15,000 walking tour of Japan. Now that’s worth the price of a nomination.

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