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Sloane | May 17, 2014

An actor is just an actor until they’re on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And a celebrity is just an actor with a lot of paparazzi exposure until they’re featured on the Forbes Celebrity 100 List. In the past, the Forbes list has rewarded celebrities with a coveted spot on the list depending on how many magazines they had covered, and how much media exposure they had received during the year. With the influx of reality television making backwoods bayou dwellers into overnight stars, the notion of ‘celebrity power’ started to become skewed. Forbes began using a new metric created by E-Poll Market Research, an Encino-based company who ranks celebrities based on 46 different attributes. The E-score helps determine Marketability Rank, social-networking power, annual earnings, and more. The follow celebrities are considered the top 10 most powerful celebrities in the world according to E-Poll Market Research and Forbes:


Pictured: Madonna

5) Madonna

            Madonna is the #1 earning celebrity this year with a nice $125 million dollars in the bank thanks to her tour, her clothing line, and her, well, entire media empire. She ranks #13 for TV/Radio, #22 for social media, #5 for press, and #73 for marketability. The Material Girl’s latest tour, the MDNA tour, grosses $305 million dollars. Not bad for a 55-year-old mother of four!


Pictured: Beyoncé 

4) Beyoncé Knowles

            Mrs. Carter is having an exceptional year. She’s #1 for TV/Radio rank, #5 for the press rank, #5 for social rank, and she took home a cool $53 million dollars thanks in part to her über-successful world tour. Her endorsement from Pepsi sure didn’t hurt her wallet or marketability score (#25).


Pictured: Steven Spielberg 

3) Steven Spielberg

            Spielberg made an impressive $100 million dollars the past year, thanks in part to his impressive library of hits such as “Jaws”, “E.T.”, and “Jurassic Park”. He has directed over 27 movies which have grosses a total of $9 billion dollars worldwide. He ranks #2 for money, #6 in press, #4 in marketability, and #12 in TV/Radio.


Pictured: Lady Gaga

2) Lady Gaga

            Lady Gaga took in $80 million dollars this year thanks to her new album Artpop and the hit single “Applause”.  Gaga’s money ranking is #9, her press rank is #2, her marketability is #65, and her social rank is #3. The lower the number, the higher the reward. I think this hardworking diva definitely deserves a round of applause.




Pictured: Oprah Winfrey

1) Oprah Winfrey

            This year the American media mogul, talk show host, actress, producer and philanthropic maven made  $77 millions dollars (thanks in part to her new channel, OWN). According to Forbes Oprah’s social ranking is #19, and her press rank is #10. Not bad for a woman who grew up below the poverty line!

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