Celebrities Who Grew Up Rich: Part 1

Sloane | December 30, 2013

While many celebrities have rags-to-riches, Cinderlla type stories that are perfect for late-night talk show fodder, other celebrities were just born rich. Some celebrities were born with silver spoons in their mouths and used their rich families to propel their own careers. We’re not saying that all well-bred celebrities were handed their careers, but having money makes it a lot easier to pursue your dreams. These are a few of the celebrities who were born wealthy and remain wealthy: 

Lady Gaga: $190 million



Pictured: Lady Gaga

Stefani Joanna Angelina Germanotta was born in raised in New York City by her parents Joseph Anthony “Joe” Germanotta, Jr. and Cynthia Bissett. Joe is an internet entrepeneur and the family lived a nice, cushy life on the Upper East Side. She can’t help being rich because she was born this way.

Kristen Stewart: $70 million



Pictured: Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart grew up sheltered in the Hollywood Hills in a $1.75 million home. Her parents designed the house around their love for “Alice in Wonderland” and the home features giant chess sets and quotes from the book painted on the outside walls.

Lana Del Rey: $500,000


Pictured: Lana Del Rey

Singer Lana Del Rey is the daughter of Rob Grant, the president and CEO of Web Media Properties. As a highschool student she attended a p[rivate school that cost over $40,000 a year. The singer claims that even though she grew up wealthy, she is very smart about her money.


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