Most Extravagant Celebrity Purchases

Sloane | October 21, 2013

When normal people splurge it’s often on something small and somewhat affordable like an extra lunch out during the week or a nice pair of shoes. When celebrities splurge it’s almost always over-the-top and incredibly extravagant. The following celebrities have taken splurging to a whole new level with their out-of-control purchases. Who knew Damien Hirst even customized baby monitors?


Victoria and David Beckham: $20,000 for a baby monitor
Harper Beckham-1325111

Pictured: Harper Beckham

The soccer star and his fashionista wife purchased a baby monitor for their new daughter, Harper Seven, that was customized by artist Damiest Hirst. Other reports state that the couple approached the artist to create an original piece of art for their tiny tot, titled, “Daddy’s Girl”, which hangs on the wall in her nursery.


Bono’s Hat, $2,000


 Pictured: Bono and his hat 

When the U2 front man realized he has forgotten his favorite hat while in Italy, he did what any normal person would do. He flew the straw cowboy hat first class from England to Italy. The hat also took a limo ride to meet him at his charity gig.


Brad Pitt’s painting, $1 million


 Pictured: Brad Pitt 

The father of six definitely has more money than he knows what to do with. While he usually spends his considerable fortune on philanthropic endeavors, he recently treated himself to a very luxurious purchase: a $1 million painting. The painting, by German artist Neo Rauch, is just one piece from his incredible art collection.


Rihanna’s hair, $1 million


 Pictured: Rihanna

The singing chameleon loves to change her hair as much as twice a week. Her style is always evolving and, no surprise here, it comes with a hefty price tag. Rihanna reportedly sends over $1 million a year on hair care, extensions, weaves, and wigs to keep her looking fresh and beautiful.


Lady Gaga, $50,000 on ghost busting


Pictured: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, the singer and artist, is a gentle soul. So gentle in fact that she believes she is sensitive to becoming possessed by spirits. That’s right, Gaga is afraid of ghosts. She spent $50,000 on electro-magnetic field equipment to check the energy levels in her homes, tour buses, and hotel rooms to make sure there are no spirits around her.

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