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    Most Influential Celebrities

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    An actor is just an actor until they’re on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And a celebrity is just an actor with a lot of paparazzi exposure until they’re featured on the Forbes Celebrity 100 List. In the past, the Forbes list has rewarded celebrities with a coveted spot on the list depending on how […]

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    Celebrities Who Grew Up Rich: Part 1

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    While many celebrities have rags-to-riches, Cinderlla type stories that are perfect for late-night talk show fodder, other celebrities were just born rich. Some celebrities were born with silver spoons in their mouths and used their rich families to propel their own careers. We’re not saying that all well-bred celebrities were handed their careers, but having […]

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    Most Extravagant Celebrity Purchases

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    When normal people splurge it’s often on something small and somewhat affordable like an extra lunch out during the week or a nice pair of shoes. When celebrities splurge it’s almost always over-the-top and incredibly extravagant. The following celebrities have taken splurging to a whole new level with their out-of-control purchases. Who knew Damien Hirst […]

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    Lady Gaga Net Worth

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    Lady Gaga has an estimated net worth of $190 million.