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Raquel Davies | December 30, 2013


$500 Thousand


    Maurice Young


    September 23, 1973




    5 foot 9.5 inches and 167lbs

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Trick Daddy has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand

Trick Daddy is an American rapper and music producer with an estimated net worth of $500 thousand. He is 5’9 1/2″ and weighs 167 pounds. Maurice Young was born on September 23, 1973  in Miami, Florida. He grew up in the tough neighborhood of Liberty City. In 1996 Trick Daddy appeared as a featured artist on the track “Scarred” by former 2 Live Crew member Uncle Luke. The song became very popular and garnered Trick Daddy a lot of attention. Ted Lucas, a former concert promoter and CEO of Slip-n-Slide Records liked Trick Daddy’s style and signed the rapper to his new label. In 1997 Slip-n-Slide dropped Trick Daddy’s debut album Based on a True Story. The album was very popular in his hometown of Miami.

In 1998 Trick Daddy released his second album entitled The album’s lead single “Nann Nigga” featured Miami rapper Trina. The song became a national hit and peaked at the No. 3 spot on the Billboard Hot Rap Singles chart. With the success of the single, major music labels started to become interested in the rapper. He signed a record deal with Atlantic Records.

The Miami rapper has gone on to release six more albums: Book of Thugs: Chapter AK Verse 47 (2000), Thugs Are Us (2001), Thug Holiday (2002), Thug Matrimony: Married to the Streets (2004), Back by Thug Demand (2006), Finally Famous: Born a Thug, Still a Thug (2009). Some of his most notable singles are “Shut Up”, “America”, “In Da Wind”, “Let’s Go”, “Thug Holiday”, “I’m a Thug”, and “Take It To Da House”.

Trick Daddy announced that he  has the autoimmune disease, lupus. The illness has affected his skin, but the rapper has stopped taking medication to combat the disease, he says,  ”Because for every medicine they gave me I had to take a test or another medicine every thirty days or so to make sure that medicine wasn’t causing side effects dealing with kidney or liver failure…I just said all together I ain’t taking no medicine.”

Trick Daddy’s Net Worth Could Buy:               

  • 775.2 Dolce & Gabbana Cheetah Print Silk Dress ($645.00 each)
  • 359.9 Gucci 3515/S Sunglasses ($1,389.30 each)
  • 146.3 Phillips 42in HD Plasma TV ($3,418.46 each)

Trick Daddy has enough net worth to give every person in Cape Verde $1.

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