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    Most Expensive Celebrity Beauty Treatments

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    Remember the movie Death Becomes Her starring Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep? Streep plays an aging Hollywood star who becomes obsessed with youth and beauty and in an effort to stay young forever she takes a potion that makes her ageless. Hawn takes the potion as well and the two ladies end up looking like walking corpses […]

  • barbiebystefano

    The World’s Most Expensive Toys

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    Remember when you were little and it was important to have the best and newest toy on the market? If you didn’t have a Tamagotchi, a Skip-It, or a Pet Rock you were branded unfit for pre-teen society. Over the last few years kids’ toys have gotten a little bit more advanced. Now, instead of […]

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    The Most Expensive Pets: Part 2

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    Yesterday we discussed how every pet owner believes their pet is priceless. There’s no amount of money that could replace the bond an animal lover feels for their adopted animal baby. While most of us spent under $100 to take home our dog or cat, others have spent thousands of dollars to bring home exotic […]

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    The Most Expensive Pets: Part 1

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    All pet owners believe their pet is priceless. There’s no amount of money that could replace the bond an animal lover feels for their adopted animal baby. While most of us spent under $100 to take home our dog or cat, others have spent thousands of dollars to bring home exotic animals with hefty price […]

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    The Largest Home in America

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    After a four-year construction hiatus, the largest home in America is back on track and on its way to breaking home records. The home, created by timeshare mogul David Siegel and his wife, Jackie Siegel, is slated to become the largest single family home in North America. The self made billionaires were on their way […]

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    Most Expensive Celebrity Car Collections in the World

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    Celebrities and expensive cars are a match made in automobile heaven. With the paparazi around every corner most celebrities feel the pressure to drive around (and be photographed) in the most expensive car they can buy. The following celebrities have taken ‘luxury car’ to a new level:

  • Diamond Cupcake1

    The Most Expensive Dishes in the World Part 2

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    When celebrities dine out, they dine out big time. They expect expensive wines, lavish meals, exclusive tables and the finest service. While the rest of us sit around eating blue box macaroni and cheese, the wealthiest people in the world are out stuffing their faces with caviar, gold leaf, and the finest cuts of beef. […]

  • caviar

    The Most Expensive Dishes in the World Part 1

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    Luxury cars, state-of-the-art yachts, private planes, and lavish homes are just a few of the perks that come with being a celebrity. Owning a large home or a fancy boat is an obvious way to announce your wealth. But a home or a boat can earn you a return on investment. A celebrity can buy […]

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    The Richest Celebrity Best Friends

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    Good friends are hard to come by. Rich friends are even harder to come by. When you have a combination of good and rich, hold on tight, because those are the best kind of friends to have. Celebrities are known for their privacy and secrecy and as such, usually have a hard time making lasting […]

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    The Most Expensive Haunted Homes in America

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    Are you afraid of the dark or do you enjoy things that go bump in the night? Are you a millionaire with a penchant for the paranormal? Then you’re in luck because the following poltergeist ridden properties could be yours for the right price:

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    Most Expensive Dresses at the Grammy Awards

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    Last night’s Grammy Awards were filled with dazzling performances (oh hey, Beyoncé), weird robot men (oh hey, Daft Punk), and expensive outfits (oh hey, everyone in attendance.) Want to know how much money your favorite stars were wearing on their bodies last night? We try out best to break it down for you here:

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    Own Your Own Castle for $14 Million

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    When John Lavender makes a promise, he follows through. He promised his three-year-old son that he would make him a home built from the ground up and he delivered on that promise. Lavender’s home, which took 30 years to complete and was built entirely by hand, is currently on the market for $14 million.

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    Miami Mega Attorney to Defend Justin Bieber

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    It’s pretty late in the day so you already know that naughty Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami on Thursday morning for DUI and drag racing. The pop star was pulled over after police saw the singer street racing early in the morning. He was pulled over around 4 a.m. according to the arrest report […]

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    The World’s Most Expensive Coffee Pot

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    Yesterday the internet was a-twitter over a Thrillist article titled: “How To Make a Cup of Coffee That Costs $54,562″. The article was a guide on making the most expensive cup of coffee imaginable. They showcased items like Pure Unroasted Green Bali Arabica Kopi Luwat Civet Coffee Beans for $129 per half kilogram. They also […]

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    Mel Gibson’s Former $33 Million Greenwich Estate

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    Thanks to an astute reader, Charles, I learned that I had incorrectly posted a photo of Mel Gibson’s Greenwich house in place of Mel Gibson’s Malibu house. Charles piqued my curiosity and I couldn’t help but show everyone a peek inside Mel Gibson’s Greenwich, Connecticut compound. The actor reportedly sold the house a couple […]

  • Bill_gates'_house

    Bill Gates’ Incredible Estate

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    When you’re one of the richest men in the world you can afford to build the home of your dreams. Take Bill Gates for example. He took his hard earned Microsoft money and created the high-concept home of his dreams in Medina, Washington. His home, nicknamed Xanadu after the estate from the movie Citizen Kane […]