The Largest Home in America

Sloane | February 25, 2014

After a four-year construction hiatus, the largest home in America is back on track and on its way to breaking home records. The home, created by timeshare mogul David Siegel and his wife, Jackie Siegel, is slated to become the largest single family home in North America. The self made billionaires were on their way to building a 90,000-square-foot mega mansion when the housing crisis hit and halted production on the giant home. Now that the crisis is over (for the Siegels at least), construction is once again, underway and no expense is being spared to complete the Orlando mansion.

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Pictured: The Versailles of America

Designed after The Palace of Versailles, in Versailles, France, the Orlando home is known as “The Versailles of America.” The home is large enough to fit two 747 planes inside the great hall which is built to host parties of up to 500 people. The mansion sits on 10 acres of lakefront property in a gated community called The Resrve at Lake Butler Sound. The 90,000-square-foot house will include 13 bedrooms, 25 bathrooms, 9 kitchens, a video arcade, an indoor rollerskating rink, a two-lane bowling alley, a 20,000-bottle wine cellar, two tennis courts, a baseball diamond, a fitness center with 10,000-square foot spa, a two-story movie theatre with balcony, a formal outdoor garden, a yoga studio, two outdoor pools, and three indoor pools.




Pictured: a still from the movie “The Queen of Versailles” about the Siegel’s home

Picured:Jackie’s closet is larger than most homes at a whopping 4,000-square feet. Her closet, which is off the master bedroom, features a golden elevator to take the Queen of Versailles’s shopping bags to her expansive closet. She says the elevator is not actually gold, only gold colored because she had to compromise somewhere.



Pictured: Jackie Siegel with her children in her current home

The home’s exterior is covered in Italian white marble which came from a quarry in Italy and was then shipped to China to be refined and cut into slabs before being transported back to America. The mansion’s doors and windows are made from Brazilian mahogany which is no longer being exported due to over harvesting. The doors and windows alone cost $4 million. On top of the already incredible amenities, the entryway of the home will contain a 30-foot stained glass dome and features 10 staff quarters, each with a jacuzzi and kitchen.

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