The Most Expensive Golf Courses in the World

Sloane | December 17, 2013

While most celebrities love to relax on chartered yachts, private islands, and on massage tables inside luxurious spas a few celebrities unwind by hitting the green. No, not that kind of green. The golf course kind of green. Some find the sport completely frustrating while others find the sport totally relaxing. When celebrities want to play they don’t just go to their local putting range, no, they go to the most expensive courses in the world: 

5) Pebble Beach Golf Links, California: $475 per round of golf

Pebble Beach


Pictured: Pebble Beach Golf Links

Pebble Beach Golf Links in California is one of the most coveted golfing spots in the world. Stretching along the coastline, it looks out onto beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean thanks in part to its location in Carmel Bay. The course was designed by Jack Neville to push golfers to their limits by playing on challenging coastal terrain (including a hole on a peninsula) while factoring in the ocean wind. Pebble Beach is a public course but regardless, a round of golf costs $475, $35 extra for a cart for non-members.

4) Shadow Creek Golf Course, Nevada: $500 per round of golf


Pictured: Shadow Creek golf course

North Las Vegas has one of America’s most incredible man-made golf courses—the Shadow Creek Golf Course. The course has over 21,000 trees for ultimate privacy and probably ultimate frustration when you make a bad drive. The MGM Mirage owns the course and MGM guests must invite non-members of the hotel. For $500 your party will be chauffeured to the course in a limousine and provided with a personal caddy.

3) Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland: $324 per person per round



Pictured: St. Andrews golf course

The Old Course at St. Andrews is the most famous golf course in the entire world. Golf has been played on the course since the 15th century—making it one of the oldest courses in the world. In addition to the Old Course, St. Andrews also has an 18-hole course, a  9-hole course, and a practice center where players can hone their skills. While St. Andrews is a public course, each round, per person costs $324. A small price to pay to play on historical grounds.

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