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    Highest Paid Athletes of 2013

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    There’s a saying that goes something like: if you love what you do you never work a day in your life. The highest paid athletes get paid to do what they love, but they work hard to get to where they are today. The top five highest paid athletes work everyday of their lives whether […]

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    Expensive Celebrity Homes

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    Celebrities are known for their expensive clothes, flashy jewelry, costly cars, and lavish vacations—but those material goods are mass produced, available for anyone to purchase if they have the funds. When celebrities really want to show off their wealth they turn to real estate. Celebrities spare no expense when shelling out—and customizing—their dream homes. Whether […]

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    Highest Celebrity Appearance Fees

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    I don’t care who you are, how much money you have in your bank account, or what moral creed you subscribe; we all have all succumbed to some unnatural force that has led us to sit down and watch at least one episode of  The Jersey Shore. For six seasons Americans followed the lives eight […]