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    The Richest Celebrity Best Friends

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    Good friends are hard to come by. Rich friends are even harder to come by. When you have a combination of good and rich, hold on tight, because those are the best kind of friends to have. Celebrities are known for their privacy and secrecy and as such, usually have a hard time making lasting […]

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    Most Expensive Dresses at the Grammy Awards

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    Last night’s Grammy Awards were filled with dazzling performances (oh hey, Beyoncé), weird robot men (oh hey, Daft Punk), and expensive outfits (oh hey, everyone in attendance.) Want to know how much money your favorite stars were wearing on their bodies last night? We try out best to break it down for you here:

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    Expensive Celebrity Homes

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    Celebrities are known for their expensive clothes, flashy jewelry, costly cars, and lavish vacations—but those material goods are mass produced, available for anyone to purchase if they have the funds. When celebrities really want to show off their wealth they turn to real estate. Celebrities spare no expense when shelling out—and customizing—their dream homes. Whether […]

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    Katy Perry Net Worth

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    Katy Perry has an estimated net worth of $55 million.