Jennifer Aniston

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    Strange Celebrity Diets

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    Being rich and famous is tough. But being rich and famous and thin is even tougher. When plastic surgery isn’t an option (hello embarrassing paparazzi photos taken after leaving the post-op office!) stars often turn to very off methods to shed pounds. While some celebrities stick to the tried and true long term method of […]

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    The Most Expensive Celebrity Homes on the Market

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    The real estate market crash didn’t just effect normal people, it also effected celebrities. It’s tough to feel bad for someone who had to scale down their asking price from $22.5 million to a paltry $19.9 million (ahem, Billy Joel) but it is a huge loss. The following celebrities are doing everything they can from […]

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    Highest Paid Actresses in the World

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    Tom Cruise has been in hot water recently for comparing his job to fighting in Afghanistan. While acting is no easy task (lots of running, jumping, rehearsal, and makeup) it’s certainly no Afghan war. Luckily for a few Hollywood ladies, their salaries more than make up for their long hours and bumps and bruises sustained […]

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    Jennifer Aniston Net Worth

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    Jennifer Aniston has an estimated net worth of $130 million.