Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings

Sloane | October 17, 2013

Aside from a handful of celebrities (cough, cough Britney Spears) who get married in the drive thru of a Vegas wedding chapel, when most celebrities get married they spare no expense.  Celebrity weddings are often secretive, private, and very, very expensive. From televised nuptials to decoy helicopters, celebrity weddings can range in price from $500 (drive-thru style) to $137 million (seriously). The following are the most expensive celebrity weddings to date: 

5) Elizabeth Taylor & Larry Fortensky ($3.8 million)

elizabeth taylor

Pictured: Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor married construction worker Larry Fortensky on October 6, 1991 at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch in California. The bride wore a pale yellow, $30,000 Valentino dress while guests like Liza Minelli, Nancy Reagan, and Eddie Murphy looked on. It was Taylor’s eighth (and final) marriage. The couple divorced in 1996.

4) Liza Minnelli & David Gest ($4.3 million)


Pictured: Liza Minnelli

David Gest and Liza Minnelli’s NYC wedding on March 16, 2002 was a lavish affair, ringing in at $4.3 million. Michael Jackson served as best man and Elizabeth Taylor served as maid of honor. A 60 piece orchestra wowed the guests, as did performances by music legends Natalie Cole, Tony Bennet, and Stevie Wonder. The couple spent $40,000 on cake and $700,000 on flowers. The divorced in 2007.

3) Chelsea Clinton & Marc Mezvinsky ($4.8 million)


Pictured: Cheslea Clinton

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton wed investment banker Marc Mezvinsky in Rhinebeck, New York on July 31st, 2010. The bride wore a dress by Vera Wang and cut an $11,000 cake while guests like Oprah Winfrey enjoyed the interfaith wedding ceremony.

2) Kate Middleton & Prince William ($33 million)

kate middleton

Pictured: Kate Middleton and Prince William.

Kate Middleton wed Prince William on April 29th, 2011 in Westminster Abbey, London as the whole world watched. The couple spent $800,000 on flowers, $80,000 on the cake, $4,000 on the veil (workers making the veil even washed their hands every 30 minutes to ensure the fabric remained spotless), and approximately $400,000 was spent on Princess Kate’s custom made dress.

1) Lady Diana & Prince Charles ($115 million)


Pictured: Lady Diana and Prince Charles

Lady Diana married Prince Charles on July 29th, 1981 at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London in front of an adoring and anxious public. The $115 million dollar wedding was an absolute breathtaking affair beginning with a $60,000 diamond and sapphire engagement ring and $100,000 pre wedding celebration. The couple spent $600,000 on security, $40,000 on cake (which was five feet tall), and the Princess wore a 24 foot long cathedral veil. While the couple divorced in 1996, the wedding remains one of the most spectacular in celebrity history.


Celebrity weddings are beautiful, romantic, and sometimes bizarre, but the one thing they all have in common is the unbelievable price tag!

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