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    The World’s Most Expensive Coffee Pot

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    Yesterday the internet was a-twitter over a Thrillist article titled: “How To Make a Cup of Coffee That Costs $54,562″. The article was a guide on making the most expensive cup of coffee imaginable. They showcased items like Pure Unroasted Green Bali Arabica Kopi Luwat Civet Coffee Beans for $129 per half kilogram. They also […]

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    Million Dollar Smiles

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    Has some ever told you that you have a “million dollar smile”? Four agonizingly long years of enduring braces better have given you a stellar smile! I’ve been there and many of you have been there as well. A glistening straight smile isn’t enough for some people. You’ve seen celebrities like Madonna, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, […]