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Raquel Davies | October 2, 2013


$18 million dollars


    Nancy Grace


    October 23, 1958


    Television journalist and legal commentator



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Nancy Grace has an estimated net worth of $18 million dollars

Nancy Grace is an American television journalist and legal commentator with an estimated net worth of $18 million dollars. Grace is 5’1″ and her weight is unknown. Grace was born October 23, 1958 in Macon Georgia. Grace attended Mercer University in her hometown of Macon, where she majored in English. Grace was a fan of Shakespearean literature, and planned on becoming a English professor upon completion of her collegiate studies. However, when her fiancé got murdered when Grace was nineteen, she decided to study law. She wanted to become a felony prosecutor and supporter of victims’ rights. Grace received her Juris Doctor from Mercer’s Walter F. George School of Law. She then received her Master of Law in Constitutional and Criminal Law from New York University’s School of Law.

Grace combined her first dream of teaching and new passion of law when she starting teaching at Georgia State University’s College of Law. Afterwards, Grace worked as prosecutor for Fulton County’s District Attorney’s Office. She served in this position for ten years, taking on cases that involved rape, child molestation, and murder. Grace handled high-profile cases, and never lost a case. Her outstanding case record gained her attention Court TV. She started hosting Court TV’s show Closing Arguments and co-hosting with Johnnie Cochran on Cochran and Grace.

In 2005 CNN Headline News (now HLN) hired Grace to to host a daily primetime legal analysis show Nancy Grace. Two years later, Grace left Court TV to focus on her HLN show. She continued with CBS’s Swift  Justice until 2011.  Grace has gained popularity for her aggressive style of investigative questioning, sensationalized analysis of cases, and  her outspoken persona.

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