Apollo Nida Net Worth

Raquel Davies | February 6, 2014


$400 Thousand


    Apollo Edard Nida




    Asset Recovery Specialist and Reality TV Personality


    5 foot 10 inches and 176lbs

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Apollo Nida is an American asset recovery specialist and reality television personality with an estimated net worth of $400 thousand. Nida is 5’10″  and weighs 176 pounds. Apollo Nida was raised in Dekalb County Georgia where he attended Dunwoody High School. He is an ex-convict, who served five years in prison for receiving stolen goods. Once he was released from jail in 2009 he met and married entertainment attorney, Phaedra Parks. In May 0f 2010 the couple welcomed their first son, Ayden Adonis Nida to the world.

By trade, Apollo Nida is an asset recovery specialist and physical trainer. He is also known for appearing on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta. His wife is a main cast member of the show, and it showcases her life at home with her family.

In August 2013 Phaedra gave birth to the couple’s second son, Dylan Nida. Apollo and his wife Phaedra Parks are working on opening up a funeral home as soon as she completes mortician school.

The federal government accused Apollo Nida in January 2014 of using fake companies and bank accounts to obtain people’s credit reports. He allegedly used the credit reports to attain fraudulent loans. He is also accused of working with a U.S. Postal worker to illegally obtain retirement checks sent to Delta employees through the mail. They also allegedly stole checks that were mailed to individuals who were owed monies from various state and government agencies. In total, Apollo Nida is accused of receiving about $3 million worth of falsely derived funds. If convicted, he could face up to 30 years in prison.

Apollo Nida has enough net worth to buy:

1. 100,250.6 Perdue Chicken Breast Chicken Nuggets ($3.99 each)

2. 23,529.4 Stearns Adult General Purpose Life Vests ($17 each)

3. 10,000 Monopoly: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Collector’s Editions ($40 each)

Apollo Nida has enough net worth to give everyone in Martinique $1.

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