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Raquel Davies | February 5, 2014


$46.2 Million


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Charlie Ayers is a chef restauranteur with an estimated net worth of $46.2 million. Ayers was born in Chicago, Illinois but was raised in Brooklyn, New York. He began his culinary career working for Hilton hotels at its locations in Parsippany and Meadowlands. He stopped working for the hotel chain to attend culinary school. He enrolled into Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. Afterwards he worked at various restaurants in Providence and Boston. However a love for music, travel, and to learn more prompted Ayers to move to the west coast.

He settled in California and eventually became a chef for rock band, Grateful Dead. The job coupled his passion for food and music as he got to cater for the green room or various music festivals and be a regular backstage attendee.

In November 1999 Ayers competed in a cook-off to become the executive chef for Goole, Inc,. The competition was judged by Google’s then-40 employees. He won the competition and attained the coveted position. Chef Charlie Ayers spent six years as Google’s executive chef. During his tenure, Chef Ayers became well known for his sumptuous gourmet food and  has been featured in media publications such as the New York Times, London Times, the Washington Post, and the Food Network. There was even a whole chapter (“Charlie’s Place”) in David Vises’s book The Google Story dedicated to Chef Ayers’ culinary masterpieces.

At the end of Chef Ayers’ tenure, he and his five sous chefs and 150 employees in Google’s Mountainview headquarters served about 4,000 lunches and dinner daily. What is impressive is that each and every meal was just as impressive as the food he prepared in his initial interview.

In January 2009 Ayers opened his first  Calafia Cafe and Market A Go Go in downtown Palo Alto. The restaurants’ concepts focus on going green and serving healthy and tasty meals.

Charlie Ayers has enough net worth to buy:

1. 64,516.1 Fantasia by DeSerio Large Cubic Zirconia Hoop Earrings ($465 each)

2. 50,167.2 Diane Von Furstenberg Monica Halter Silk Dresses ($598 each)

3. 340,909.1 Jars of Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask ($88 each)

Charlie Ayers has enough net worth to give everyone in Spain $1. 

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