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Raquel Davies | January 3, 2014


$55 Million


    Tori Amos


    August 22, 1963




    5 foot 2 inches and 119lbs

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    Creative Artists Agency


Tori Amos has an estimated net worth of $55 million

Tori Amos is an American pianist and singer song-writer with an estimated net worth of $55 million. She is 5’2″ and weighs 119 pounds. Myra Ellen Amos better known by her stage name Tori Amos was born on August 22, 1963 in Newton, North Carolina and was raised in Baltimore. Her musical talents blossomed as a child, and by her teen years she was performing in local clubs and bars. In 1988, Tori formed the band Y Kant Tori Read and after releasing a less than stellar debut album, the group soon parted ways.

Tori earned her first commercial and critical success with the release of her 1990 solo album Little Eathquakes, which spawned the singles “Crucify”, “Winter” and “Me and a Gun.” Quickly known for her personal lyrics and passionate style of playing the piano, the singer released sophomore album Under the Pink in 1994 which included a string of notable tracks including “Pretty Good Year” and “Cornflake Girl.” Over the last two decades, she has established herself as one of alternative music’s top female artists with subsequent albums Boys for Pele (1996), Abnormally Attracted to Sin (2009) and Night of Hunters (2011).

Tori’s music has been featured in a number of successful films including Higher Learning (1995), Great Expectations (1998), and Mona Lisa Smile (2003). Currently, the singer is hard at work on her fourteenth studio album, Unrepentant Geraldines, slated for release in 2014. She is a longtime supporter of the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), a toll-free help line where victims can connect with local crisis centers. Splitting her time between Florida, England and Ireland, the singer is married and has one daughter, born in 2000.

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