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Sloane | March 26, 2014


$200 million


    Waynce Chang


    August 3, 1983





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Wayne Chang is worth an estimated $200 million.

Wayne Chang is a celebrity in the technology industry worldwide. Aside from being a serial entrepreneur, Mr. Chang is a business investor, advisor, and frequent speaker at industry conferences. He sponsors philanthropic events and has held seats on the Board of Directors at non-profits. Mr. Chang’s net worth is approximately $200 million.

Mr. Chang’s most recent company, Crashlytics, was acquired for nearly $300 million by Twitter. At that time, his company was only a year old and was marked as Twitter’s largest acquisition. Prior to that, Mr. Chang owned several technology-related companies. Previously, he had partnered with the Winklevoss twins on a venture that developed a project that was acquired by Facebook, as shown in the movie The Social Network. Mr. Chang was involved in starting popular cloud storage provider Dropbox. Dropbox’s valuation is estimated to be $10 billion. At a young age, Mr. Chang was also a key player in the revolutionary peer-to-peer music file service Napster. Mr. Chang is not yet 30 years old and never graduated from college.

Mr. Chang’s story has been covered in the movie The Social Network and by Newsweek, CBS Sunday Morning, Time Magazine, New York Times, among a myriad of other prestigious news agencies. Chang was born August 3, 1983.

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