Kathy Bates Net Worth

Raquel Davies | January 30, 2014


$32 Million


    Kathleen Doyle "Kathy" Bates


    June 28, 1948




    5 foot 3 inches and 185lbs

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Kathy Bates is an American actress and film director with an estimated net worth of $32 million. She is 5’3″ and weighs 185 pounds. Kathleen Doyle Bates was born on June 28, 1948 in Memphis, Tennessee. She became interested in acting when she was a teenager and begun participating in her high school’s plays. Afterwards she attended Southern Methodist University and graduated in 1969 with a degree in drama. In 1970 Kathy Bates moved to New York City to work as an actress.

In her early career, Bates mostly worked as a theatre actress. She had early theatre performances in productions of ” A Quality of Mercy”, “Casserole”, “Goodbye Fidel” and “Fifth of July”.

In 1982 Bates made her first film performance that made a big enough impact to bring interest to the actress when she and her Broadway cast-mates took on their respective roles in the film adaptation of Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean.

Kathy Bates still continued to work as a highly acclaimed actress in the New York theatre scene. She received a Tony nomination for her performance in “‘night, Mother” and an Obie and Los Angeles Drama Critics Award for her stellar performance as a romantic misfit in “Frankie and Johnny in the Claire de Lune”. However when both of these films were adapted to film she was not considered for the roles due to her lack of box office pull.

It wasn’t until Bates was cast as psychopath Annie Wilkes in the 1990 film Misery did she begin to receive widespread acclaim in Hollywood. The movie was a box-office hit and earned the actress an Academy Award for Best Actress and a Golden Globe award.

After Kathy Bates’ Oscar glory, offers for roles in film and television came pouring in. Some of Bates most notable films include Fried Green Tomatoes (1991), Dolores Claiborne (1995), Titanic (1997), Primary Colors (1998), and About Schimdt (2002). She most recently played Delphine LaLaurie on the FX anthology series American Horror Story: Coven.

Kathy Bates has enough net worth to buy:

1.  463,768.1 Amazon Kindles ($69 each)

2. 890.1 Lexus IS Sedans ($35,950 each)

3. 380,952.4 Bottles of Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum 100 mL ($84 each)

Kathy Bates has enough net worth to give everyone in Peru $1. 

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