• hero460_oscars

    The Most Expensive Oscar Swag Bags: Part 1

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    Poor Oscar nominated actors. They get all gussied up and stand around like goons answering inane questions only to then lose their Oscar to an up-and-coming star in front of millions of viewers. Their lives are so hard, so sad, so tragic. Four out of five nominees will go home without gold statues, which is […]

  • cobra460_800649c

    Nicolas Cage’s Weirdest (and Most Expensive) Purchases

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    The Internet has turned Nicolas Cage from a bankable, Oscar winning actor, into a ridiculous meme. There are multiple sites devoted to everything from poking fun at the actor’s hair to morphing his face with other famous peoples’ faces. The actor, worth an estimated $18 million has faced a number of financial issues due to […]