• barbiebystefano

    The World’s Most Expensive Toys

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    Remember when you were little and it was important to have the best and newest toy on the market? If you didn’t have a Tamagotchi, a Skip-It, or a Pet Rock you were branded unfit for pre-teen society. Over the last few years kids’ toys have gotten a little bit more advanced. Now, instead of […]

  • nice_car2

    Most Expensive Celebrity Car Collections in the World

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    Celebrities and expensive cars are a match made in automobile heaven. With the paparazi around every corner most celebrities feel the pressure to drive around (and be photographed) in the most expensive car they can buy. The following celebrities have taken ‘luxury car’ to a new level:

  • cobra460_800649c

    Nicolas Cage’s Weirdest (and Most Expensive) Purchases

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    The Internet has turned Nicolas Cage from a bankable, Oscar winning actor, into a ridiculous meme. There are multiple sites devoted to everything from poking fun at the actor’s hair to morphing his face with other famous peoples’ faces. The actor, worth an estimated $18 million has faced a number of financial issues due to […]