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    Kim Kardashian’s Marriage Might Be Over

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    Today, the internet is a-buzz with a story everyone saw coming from a mile away. Wait, no, less than a mile away. How about from six inches away? Kim Kardashian is rumored to want out from her marriage of less than two months to rap superstar Kanye West. The reason? He’s apparently turned her into […]

  • hero460_oscars

    The Most Expensive Oscar Swag Bags: Part 1

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    Poor Oscar nominated actors. They get all gussied up and stand around like goons answering inane questions only to then lose their Oscar to an up-and-coming star in front of millions of viewers. Their lives are so hard, so sad, so tragic. Four out of five nominees will go home without gold statues, which is […]

  • wedding-dress

    The Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

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    Every young girl dreams of the day she’ll walk down the aisle in a beautiful wedding dress—it’s a right of passage and the only time a girl can express her inner princess without looking crazy. For most girls, their dream dresses are cast aside for lesser dresses when they take a look at their wedding […]

  • ghost

    Ray J’s New Ride

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    William Ray Norwood, Jr., better known as Ray J, is whipping around town in a hot, new ride—a Rolls-Royce Ghost. The actor and rapper has an estimated net worth of $6 million and reportedly plunked down anywhere from $256,000 to $296,000 on the beautiful (and crazy expensive) automobile.

  • Kanye-West

    Kanye West Buys North West Her First $1.5 Million Dollar Car

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    Rapper Kanye West knows a few things about parenting. First, name your child based the cardinal directions. Next, have your future mother-in-law show decoy babies on her daytime talk show. Then, take a pass at those tacky “Baby on Board” stickers in lieu of something that let’s people know they should drive carefully because they’re […]

  • Kim-K-Plenty-of-Cheddar

    Kim Kardashian Net Worth

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    Kim Kardashian has an estimated net worth of $40 million dollars.