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    Tank Net Worth

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    Tank is an American singer-songwriter and producer with an estimated net worth of $5 million. He is 5’9″ and weighs 166 pounds. Durrell Babbs was born on January 1, 1976 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He grew up in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Clinton, Maryland. He was a talented athlete at Crossland High School and was […]

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    Faizon Love Net Worth

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    Faizon Love is an American comedian and actor with an estimated net worth of $8 million. He has starred in films like Friday, Elf, and Couples Retreat. He is 5’10″ and weighs 320 pounds.Langston Faizon Santisima was born on June 14, 1968 in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. Due to being a military brat he was […]

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    T-Pain Net Worth

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    T-Pain has an estimated net worth of $35 million