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Sultan Qaboos bin Said has an estimated net worth of $700 million

Qaboos bin Said al Said is the current Sultan of Oman and its Dependencies. He has an estimated net worth of $700 million. He was born on November 18, 1940 in Salalah, Oman. Qaboos  is the only son born to Sultan Said bin Taimur and Princess Mazoon al-Mashani. He received his primary education in Salalah, Oman and Pune, India, where he was a student of Shankar Dhayal Sharma, the honorable former President of India. At the age of sixteen, Qaboos was shipped of to Sandhurst, England where he studied at the Royal Military Academy.

When he graduated from the Royal Academy, Qaboos joined the British Army. After his military service, Qaboos studied local government in England, and then returned to his home country of Oman. Upon his return to Oman, he studied the history of Oman and the Islam religion. Qaboos ascended the throne on July 23, 1970 after a successful coup palace against his father, Sultan Said bin Taimur. As the new Sultan, Qaboos aimed to end the country’s long history of isolation by modernizing it and increasing revenue through oil development.

Since his reign began, Oman has now allowed women to vote in parliamentary elections and run as candidates. Oman has also allowed newspapers, built high schools, opened hotels and malls, built highways, improved international relations, and invested in healthcare and education. In regards to foreign policy, Oman remains neutral. Qaboos remains friendly relationships with the United States, Great Britain, Iran, and other Arab states. In October 1998, the National Council on  US-Arab Relations presented Sultan Qaboos with the International Peace Award.

Sultan Qaboos has no children and has not publicly named an heir to his throne. Some believe he has not made an announcement  because he wants to avoid stirring the pot. The Al Alam Palace in Muscat, Oman is the ceremonial palace for Sultan Qaboos. The royal palace was built over 200 years ago, but was rebuilt in 1972. His majesty does not stay there. The palace is used to house distinguished guests and royal functions. Sultan Qaboos owns five super yachts. His yacht named the Al Said was built in 2007. It contains a helipad, a swimming pool, and an orchestra.

Sultan Qaboos bin Said has enough net worth to buy:

1. 5,833.3 Hermès Matte Crocodile Birkin Bags ($120k each)

2. 12,727.3 Bottles of Essie “I Do” Nail Polish ($55,000 each)

3. 350,000 Purebred Rottweilers ($2,000 each)

Sultan Qaboos bin Said has enough net worth to give everyone in the Unites States of America $2.21

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