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Raquel Davies | September 16, 2013

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Today I had the pleasure of coming across Scott Disick’s ¬†Instagram page. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years then I’ll give you a little background on Mr. Disick. Scott is is a reality television personality. You may have seen him on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. He has fathered two children with the eldest Kardashian child, Kourtney. He lives a very flashy lifestyle. Mr. Disick wears the finest of clothes, drives the most exotic cars, and dons the most eye-catching jewelry. Make sure that you address him by his proper name “Lord Disick”, because he is actually a British Lord. You may be asking how can a trust fund kid from Long Island be a British Lord? Easy, he bought the title online. Do you want to see more of the lavish things he buys? Check out his candids.


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New money or old money? He’s so humble!

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While I’m in Walmart price comparing Charmin to Cottonelle, Scott’s using Benjamins. Where did I go wrong in life?

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The struggles of the rich and famous. Poor Lord Disick.

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Scott’s flaunting the luxury swiss watch brand Audemars Piguet. A watch like this can roughly set you back ¬†$86,000 and he has the headphones to match!


So you may be asking yourself what does this young man do to live such an extraordinary life? Well of course he comes from a line of wealthy real estate investors. Lord Disick ¬†maintains that he is a business man himself. He invests in the nutrition business and starts up night clubs. If you would like to see more of Lord Disick’s luxurious lifestyle visit his Instagram page!



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