Mansour Ojjeh Net Worth

Raquel Davies | December 9, 2013


$3.2 Billion


    Mansour Akram Ojjeh


    June 24, 1952





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Mansour Ojjeh is a French Saudi Arabia-born entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $3.2 billion. Ojjeh was born  on June 24, 1952. Mansour Akram Ojjeh was born June 24, 1952 in Saudi Arabia. He is the son of a Syrian-born Saudi businessman and a Frenchwoman. His father, Akram Ojjeh, founded Techniques d’Avant Garde (TAG), a successful Luxembourg-based holding company. TAG has interests worldwide and is known for brokering deals between France and Saudi Arabia in regards to defense systems and weapons.

Mansour Ojjeh grew up in Luxembourg and attended school in the United States. Afterwards he became the CEO of TAG. TAG owns 21% of the McLaren Group. The McLaren Formula One team is the most important asset of the group and Mr. Ojjeh is a huge racing fanatic.

Masour Ojjeh is the former owner of Tag Heuer watches. He owns 10% of the luxury jeweler Asprey and Garrard.

Mansour Ojjeh has enough net worth to buy:

1. 1,684.2 Hermès Birkin Ginza Tanaka Bags ($1.9 million)

2. 800,000 Purebred Chow Chows ($4,000 each)

3. 20,000 Bottles of 1787 Chateau Lafite ($160,000 each)

Mansour Ojjeh has enough net worth to give everyone in China $2.34

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