Andy Milonakis Net Worth

Raquel Davies | January 9, 2014


$2 Million


    Andrew Michael "Andy" Milonakis


    January 30, 1976


    Actor and Writer and Comedian


    5 foot 6 inches and 210lbs

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Andy Milonakis is an American writer, actor, and comedian with an estimated net worth of $2 million.  He is 5’6″ and weighs 210 pounds. Andrew Michael Milonakis was born on January 30, 1976 in Katonah, New York.  He was born with a congenital growth-hormone condition that gives him the outward appearance and voice of an adolescent although he is a grown man. Milonakis used comedy as a means to cope with the constant onslaught of bullying. He once said “If you’re a serious, fat, young-looking guy, you’re not going to be the most popular guy in high school.”

Andy Milonakis broke into show business after uploading a string of internet shorts that became popular. MTV discovered him and greenlit The Andy Milonakis Show on MTV and MTV2.

In 2013 Milonakis got a recurring role as Roman Arnold on the Comedy Central sketch series Kroll Show.

Andy Milonakis is also a rapper. He started rapping on Youtube, his first song is called “The Andy Milonakis Rap”. He is currently in a rap group called Three Loco with fellow rappers Dirt Nasty and Riff Raff.

Andy Milonakis has an enough net worth to buy:

1. 146,305.7 The Comedy Bible: From Stand-up to Sitcom–The Comedy Writer’s Ultimate “How To” Guide ($13.67 each)

2. 57,159.18 Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set ($34.99 each)

3. 227,272.7 Ogilvie Home Perm ($8.80 each)

Andy Milonakis has enough net worth to give everyone in Mongolia $1.

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